Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let There Be Land...

Ash and I discussed some of our other options for land and we gave the thought of moving a little further out some more serious thinking. We didn't really want to go too far out as I still have to drive to the city every day for work, so it couldn't be any more than an hour away from the city. We still wanted to be removed from the "rat race" as they like to put it, ie, if we could avoid it we didn't want to live in a highly suburbanised area. It'd cost too much and we don't really like people all that much so a quieter area would be best. Finding something that fit our price range to match that though was a bit tough. It was looking like to get land big enough and cheap enough, we'd have to either build out Dandenong way, or Melton. Neither prospect appeal to us in the slightest so we were a bit stumped.

We decided to go for a drive out to the new Mandalay estate out at Beveridge and see what that was all about. We keep driving past it to go to Wallan, but it's a brand new estate that's going to be built around a golf course, so we weren't really that excited about it all, just going to take a looksies.

We went up to the land sales office and had a chat with the lady running the office. Stages 3 and 4 were on sale (4 being released the day before apparently) and they were nice big lots. There were a couple that were 14 wide and a bunch of 16's, but there were a lot of 18+ wide blocks, so we bit the bullet and asked how much they were going for. A block in stage 3, 18x34 was $150,000...Roughly $40,000 cheaper than what we were looking at in Mernda and cheaper as well.

We tried to contain our excitment a bit until we left the office as that price was completely doable for us. It was cheaper by roughly the amount we'd have to put into that stupid mega loan and was in an area we liked (Away from everything but not hermits) so we scurried home to run this idea past dad (Our semi-broker and financier)

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