Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dingbat, Away!

Today we had Ash's brother (Andrew) come over with the Dingo and start ripping up all the dirt/weeds in the front yard so that we can get started on the landscaping of our front yard.
When I got home from work, the job was 80% done already, so after a bit of lunch dad and I went out and finished most of the rest off. It looks a lot different now that it's all been lowered a bit, but ironically looks like it did about a year ago, only lower. At least this time around I know something's actually going to be done with it and we're not just going to have a mud bath in our front yard.
After getting it mostly to the level we wanted we had to do a little bit of corner work by hand/shovel but that didn't take too long. Biggest thing I took out of it all was the fact that the plastic weed mat we had down in the garden bed got ripped out. It was installed wrong and it's been bugging me ever since it went in! Not that there's any plants to worry about there for now, but it's still nice to know all is well in there.

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