Friday, December 18, 2009

And It's Mine, All Mine!

We paid off the final 5% of the deposit today so we're fully paid up in terms of deposits now. We'll still have to clear finance (Basically pre-approval from the bank, but dad and our broker are certain we'll pass this without any trouble), but once that's done, it's literally just a waiting game for the land.

Mum, dad and I were driving down to do it as we got a call from Ash saying she'd just left work, so she'd meet us there. We decided to go and visit Terry our convayencer, basically to let her know she was our convayencer. Mum and Dad are using her and had high reviews of her, so I figured it was just as easy to use her. Plus she's not that far from where we live now and when we'll be renting in Wallan. She was a very nice lady and she's going to take a look through everything properly once she's back from Christmas holidays.

Met up with Ash, paid the deposit, then had a quick look at our new purchase and then went to Harvey Norman, where we found a couch that we'd like for our Family Room, so that's in the book of things we want :)

When we got home I helped dad take our little shrubs out of the front garden and moved them out the back, so that they don't get demolished when Andrew comes through with the dingo tomorrow.

Also read through the contracts this morning at work, in particular the list of things we can/can't have in the estate. Most of the the things listed aren't that big of a deal. We can't have roller shutters, which we weren't really thinking about having, but hadn't completely ruled out. So they're now definately off the list. Also on the list of no-no's was single pole letter boxes. Basically our letter box will have to be a sandstone one, or contained within a fence/mini-wall...which is kind of interesting as another thing lists that you can't have any fencing out the front, so i'm curious to see how that one plays out.
The rest of the limits shouldn't have too big of an impact on us, but they're things we'll need to be aware of.

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