Thursday, December 17, 2009

Land Ho!

This afternoon when Ash finished work, we went down and paid the initial deposit on our land! We now have a 5% holding on a lot in Mandalay!

We'll have to come back tomorrow (Or in the next few days) to pay the balance of the deposit (A further 5%) as we're doing it on my parents credit card (So we don't have to pay for a bank cheque/money order basically) and then subject to financials, it'll be ours...well it'll be held for us until we fork over large amounts of money in August 2010.

The lady we've been dealing with so far at Mandalay was off for the day, so we had a different lady, but she knew my parents anyway from having worked a few days at Wallara Waters.

We also got given an encyclopedia of a sales contract, which has all the land information as well as the 10,000 Donny Do's and Don'ts...I think that's going to take a bit of reading through.

As a side note, it was absolutely bucketing down with rain when we went down. Doesn't really feel right having so much rain in December, but I'm not complaining.

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