Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Sitting By The Overcoat, The 2nd Shelf...

As the name implies, it has been a Long Day today. We were all up at 0630 to move the beds and remaining bits of furniture into the kitchen for an arrival time of 0700-0900 for the carpet layers. I took Ash to the station around 8 and they still hadn't come when I got back so I curled up on my barrel with the Pug and took a nap until they arrived at around 0945.

Then we got to spend the rest of the day confined to the kitchen because there was nothing else to do in our house. I most definately could not become Amish. While I was asleep Mum & Dad were changing over all of the handles in the kitchen (Cupboards and pantry) and then dad cleaned the's actually white on the outside now. All shiny and very pretty :)

The carpeters left about 10 minutes before I left for work, so it was enough time to move the beds back into the rooms and setup Foxtel and TV for when Ash got home from work, then it was off to work myself. I've got some photos of the rooms with their new threads, but I'll also add a set when they've got all their furniture back in them as well. I've still got to take photos of the finished handles too. But here are some before/after shots of the carpet laying :)

Spare room:

Mum & Dad's Room:

Horrible paint stain we've had for 2 years - Sorcha wanted to help

Master Bedroom:

This is house you fit a house into two rooms:

And finally lunch time :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still Alive...Progress Resumes

Has been a little while since the last post...a month actually. I was hoping during the course of it all that I wouldn't have any large gaps in it like that. Wanted to stay on the ball and all of that, but unfortunately seeing as I'm only at the renovation and not build stage, there'll be some of those.

In the last month we haven't actually done a lot. We finished off the stones and garden bed along the fence opposite the kitchen and we also finished the shade cloth area. Just in time too because we had those massive storms just after it was completed and it held up really well under the extreme weather.

That's actually about as far as we've gotten in the backyard. Work rosters have been pretty unaccomodating and my parents build has finally gotten started (now up to the roof frame) so that has taken over more of their spare time.

Inside the house we're currently in the process of ripping up carpet, painting and replacing cupboard handles though. It's making a big difference to the place already. The carpet is getting laid on Tuesday morning, but we only realised late last week that it says on our invoice the costing doesn't cover the removal of carpet, so we had to hire a skip and start tugging up the carpets in the spare room (What was Steve's) the back hallway, my parents room, the lounge room and our room. It's taken a couple of days but we've almost finished it now. Just have to do the area under my parents bed and where the tv unit is in the lounge.

At the same time mum has been painting all the skirting boards white down the back of the house and gave the spare room it's second coat of Hogs Bristle to finish it off (Before Steve moved in we forgot to paint over the hideous purple that was in there so we rushed one coat over it the night before he moved in). It's making a big difference and really lifting it all. Will look nice when the carpet is laid down there as well. We'll just have to paint the walls in the hallway, then give the bathroom and laundry a new coat of paint. The laundry is a horrible faded mint green. I can't wait for that to get fixed up.

Also we bought a bunch of silver/chrome door handles to put on all of the cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom vanities. They had very clunky plastic ones on them originally and these new ones look a treat :)

That's about it for now. I'll do the pictures once the carpet is all done

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Now For The Backyard, Also Progress At The Block

Well now that the front yard is finished, it's straight on and into the backyard. I was looking at the calandar just now, and I've got about 8 weeks until the point when I wanted to start putting the house on the market, or at least be almost ready to do it. That's not really that long in the grand scheme of things. 2 rotations of my roster as it would be (And a rotation on my age wheel as well). I think the backyard will likely take up the better part of a month to get done. It's not an overly huge task, but that's my gauge on it. It took 2 months to get the front yard finished all up. Plus we will also have Steve moving out in the middle of the month and Kelly moving in during April. During that downtime we will be painting the back half of the house (A job we never finished doing when we moved in as we didn't live down there so why bother?) so that will slow us a fraction.

We've moved all of the left over stone and sand that was residing on our driveway and put it out in the backyard. Dad hacked up all the weeds that were growing in a spot and we dumped the rock on that, then I weeded out another spot and mum and I moved the sand on that bit.

Today we started nailing cleets into the exposed part of our pergola area, so that we can put up some shadecloth. The weather was looking really dodgy while doing this, so after they were all secured we started working on the garden bed running along the fence. We ripped out the weed mat that was currently in there, and drilled in a section of wood to act as a barrier. We then moved some more dirt from our giant pile to fill it up and then put some stone on top to make all pretty. We did about half of this before the rain really started to settle in, so we called it a day for there.

Also the other day we swang by Mandalay and work has started on Stage 2! The trucks were all out in the field and they were lowering/scraping out all of the blocks to give it that uniform dirt kind of look. They're also channeling out areas that will contain the roads. I've taken photos on Thursday, but we were back there on Friday and the road sections are more pronounced - I just forgot to take photos. It doesn't quite stretch down to our block, but we're in Stage 3, so ours will be done at a later date. Still, it is exciting to see all that progress happening and so close to our land :)

Now for photos:

These are of the land scraping:

Also, a cute little puppy that was with the builders

Some "pre" pics of the back:

Pictures of the pergola area - Alfresco I suppose, before we fixed it all up:

Lulu approving that the garden bed is fit for sleeping:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yay For Buying Things

I bought a chair for my Xbox room today :) On the whole we're holding off on buying furniture until we're in my parents place as we really don't have the room to store anything in at the moment, but we got this one as we'll be able to use it while in the current house, and we'll probably need the extra seating when Kelly moves in with us.

In the Xbox room I'll be using this one and a 3 seater couch. I may need to get a little table to go next to it for my drinks and so on though. I like this one because I often have moods where I want to lay down while I'm playing, plus it's also big enough for a puppy to fit on :)

It only came in this colour. We obviously don't know all our colours yet, but that room will most likely be gray (And Teal), so it should go with it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Alive!!

Hooray, the front yard is now all finished!!! On Friday afternoon our crushed rock was delivered out the front for the car park. Early Saturday morning we all had to move the remainder of the normal rock pile (That will fill the holes in garden and the side of the house) and then we got to spread and flatten the crushed rock around the front section.

After lunch it was a trip down to the Bunnings to pick up a whacker/compressor thingy to flatten and compact all the rock out.

This is the finished product:

Now we get to move onto the backyard. Hopefully this one shouldn't be quite as large of a task to handle.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If It Walks Like A Duck, Talks Like A Duck, It's Probably Lulu

A mini update for today. While I was at work mum and dad painted the pavers out the front. It's a sandy couloured exterior paint and it looks pretty good after the first coat. Parts of it blend into the stones (Which we wanted) but it really changes the look of it all. Also makes it look like they're not just big concrete squares :)

Our front security door also got taken off and cleaned, then we spray painted it green to match the gutters and general green scheme they had going on. I like how it came up. Didn't really think it was going to look that good beforehand.

After work I transported the 2nd jade tree into his new home and we put some little decorative stones around the top of the pot to make it look all pretty :)

Also found a new home for the old letterbox. For the moment, Bay is King Of The Hill.