Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Change In House Design...

Ash and I were poking around on the Porter Davis website the other day and I found a house plan that I liked the look of, the Illoura 33 and we decided we'd go and have a look at it. Ash's off sick today so we decided to go out to Caroline Springs to look at the display house. Mum and Dad came as well as we were going to go by ourselves during the week at any rate.

We went through the house and I liked it better than the Queenstown. I personally felt that the back end of the house was laid out a little bit better than the Queenstown, but I liked that there are several living areas, and all the bedrooms are in their own little area, not on top of the kitchen/dining rooms, but still close enough by. I also really liked the fact that the Master bedroom is down the back end of the house and not by the front door. That's one design of houses that I really dislike but it's been on most house plans for years. I want to be as far from the street as I can to minimise noise! The kitchen/dining/living area was nice and spacious as well.

Ash and I spent a little time walking around it alone and discussing the pros and cons of the place and outside of a couple of minor tweaks, we both really like the house and have decided we're going to build this model

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