Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's A Box...

Spent all of today working on the framing in the front yard. We were able to get the frame along the new walk to the front entry down, plus the outside from on the right hand side (Facing) of the yard done, plus the main border along the front of the left. We also transported that mound of dirt left over from the dingo scrapings and filled the right hand box most of the way up. That'll knock down the amount of chip bark we need for that box now, so that's great.
Might not sound like we did a great deal, but it was very tiring work. I also learnt how to angle grind, use a circular saw and a level meter :)
On a sadder note, I lost my bunny Haplo today, who was almost 4 years old :( Ash and I got Haplo and Elvira not long after we got together (Later followed by Dashel and Aurora) to fill the void of a puppy we couldn't have at that point of time. He had been looking a little thin and was losing a bit of fur over the last month or so, but he was still moving along happily enough. Feel very sorry for Elly now, who's the last of the 4 remaining now. She was very protective of him when I went to check him out, which was so cute (Albeit incredibly sad) because she'd always boss him around in the cage. I'm going to look for a new house for Elly tomorrow...Don't feel right keeping her in there at the moment, and it's way too big for her. Hopefully she's still got a few more years left in her though. I'll always remember my little bunny who used to crack it when we'd change his straw, then spend the next half an hour throwing it around his hutch getting it all back how it should be.


  1. Poor bunny :( We have one lonely bunny Julian left now... thinking of getting him a guinea pig as a companion :)

  2. The memory of Happy throwing his straw made me smile :) A guinea pigs a good idea