Sunday, November 29, 2009

Queenstown Re-Visited

We had a very full on day looking at display homes with my parents today.

When we woke up Ash and I had decided that we'd go for another drive up to the displays at Mernda and see if we did actually like the place and basically decide if we actually wanted to build or we were just getting super excited for no real good reason.

When we got out of bed my parents were pottering about and they mentioned that they were going down to Mernda so that they could take some photos of the front of the ex-display house that is the model they're getting. Ash and I decided we might as well just go over with them as it'd be silly for us to drive seperately. We hadn't told them our plans or thoughts on building yet though so we were still a little hush-hush on that aspect incase we weren't actually going to go through with this.

We went back through all the displays and wised dad up on the situation. We took them to the Queenstown display and told them that this is the house we think we want to build...only to find out that it's almost exactly the same as the Hayman house they're building (Which is no longer built). It was very weird to find we have such similar tastes in what we wanted in a house.

We all went through it pretty thoroughly and got a good idea on what we'd want to change in the place and so on. Dad and I also went to the land sales office to get an idea on the size of the blocks and how much they were going for. They had a release of land that was titling in April of next year and we'd most likely be looking at a block of land 16w x 32 deep and it was going to cost us around $188,000 for the land.

After we'd finished up there we went for a drive to the Craigieburn estate and had a look at the Lifestyle and Access houses they had on display there, but none of them appealed to us as much as the Queenstown did.

We got home around 530 after a long day of walking and looking at houses, but with the knowing this is definately what we wanted to do.

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