Friday, November 27, 2009

There Can Be Only One...

The following is a journal depecting the journey that my partner (Ash) and I go through in the process of building our own home, in the new Mandalay estate in Beveridge.

Ash and I have been living in our current house in Roxburgh Park for almost 2 years now, with our 3 dogs - Sorcha, Bailey and Lulu. We also live with my best friend Steve and my parents, who are staying with us while their house in Wallara Waters (Wallan) is being built.

The decision to build was a rather quick and unexpected decision for us, as it wasn't on our radar at all a few months ago. We'd only just bought our current and 1st home in 2008 so we were pretty set where we are for the long haul. We knew that the next house we'd buy would be one that we built, as we were finding there were a lot of things we wanted to change about our current home, so we'd just skipi that problem by putting in things we want everywhere, hopefully eliminating that problem. But that wasn't going to happen for several years.

We came about the decision from a random newspaper article I read about the estate of Hawkstowe, between Epping and Mernda. I commented to Ash that it'd be a really nice place to live (Visually) and we decided to go for a drive to go and check it out.

The rest as they say, is history

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