Saturday, November 28, 2009

In The Begining...

Ash and I went down to Hawkstowe to look at the area after reading about it in the Sun, more as a curiosity than anything else and to see how much a house and some land would cost us roughly. We had a bit of a drive around the estate and the area seemed appealing enough so we went and looked at some of the packages they were offering over at the sales office.

The options seemed like they were within our price range, but we liked the look of some of the options they had over at Mernda a little better, so we went for a drive up the road to the Mernda Villages estate to see what was what over there.

We arrived at the Display Village and opted to go for a walk through the Porter Davis displays, as they're the builder my parents are going through so we're already somewhat familiar with them. They had 3 Lifestyle and 3 Prestige houses on display so we did a walkthrough of them and of course we really liked the Prestige houses the best. We liked the Churchill, although we think it may of been the lovely lap pool that was selling that house to us, but we loved the Queenstown 33 they had on display there. It was a house that we could very easily see ourselves living in and raising a family in. We grabbed some pamphlets for the place and headed home from there, pretty excited about the place.

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