Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yay For Buying Things

I bought a chair for my Xbox room today :) On the whole we're holding off on buying furniture until we're in my parents place as we really don't have the room to store anything in at the moment, but we got this one as we'll be able to use it while in the current house, and we'll probably need the extra seating when Kelly moves in with us.

In the Xbox room I'll be using this one and a 3 seater couch. I may need to get a little table to go next to it for my drinks and so on though. I like this one because I often have moods where I want to lay down while I'm playing, plus it's also big enough for a puppy to fit on :)

It only came in this colour. We obviously don't know all our colours yet, but that room will most likely be gray (And Teal), so it should go with it.

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