Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finally! Some Action!

Ahh we finally got movement on the front yard and it was a hell of a lot of it at that. We hadn't been able to do do anything on it in the week and a bit since the sand arrived because of the weather mainly. It rained the entire weekend the sand arrived, then we were hit with heat most of the week following, followed by some more rain.

Yesterday we were able to get all of the pavers over and lay them in the sand, then we moved a bunch of our urban stone and used it to fill in the gaps along the pavers. We also had to put in a small piece of wood to frame the end of the path, then fill that with a little sand and place some more pavers in that one, to creat a little step effect.

We also took down the old letterbox and installed our new one. For a $30 throwout bargin from Bunnings, I think it works really well. It blends in with the black mulch really well too.

Finally we took out that little green picket fence in the portico and that has really opened it up now. Lets a lot more light into the area at the front door as well. It also highlights how dirty the security door is too :(

All that's left for us to do out there now is fill the front part with the crushed rock, to park the cars on, then there's one tiny section to fill in next to the driveway, where we'll be planting a couple more trees

Also as a side note, today is my puppy Sorcha's birthday. She's a big 2 today! Happy birthday Osha. You are pretty and I will keep you :)

Optimus showing his superior strength

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