Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Sitting By The Overcoat, The 2nd Shelf...

As the name implies, it has been a Long Day today. We were all up at 0630 to move the beds and remaining bits of furniture into the kitchen for an arrival time of 0700-0900 for the carpet layers. I took Ash to the station around 8 and they still hadn't come when I got back so I curled up on my barrel with the Pug and took a nap until they arrived at around 0945.

Then we got to spend the rest of the day confined to the kitchen because there was nothing else to do in our house. I most definately could not become Amish. While I was asleep Mum & Dad were changing over all of the handles in the kitchen (Cupboards and pantry) and then dad cleaned the's actually white on the outside now. All shiny and very pretty :)

The carpeters left about 10 minutes before I left for work, so it was enough time to move the beds back into the rooms and setup Foxtel and TV for when Ash got home from work, then it was off to work myself. I've got some photos of the rooms with their new threads, but I'll also add a set when they've got all their furniture back in them as well. I've still got to take photos of the finished handles too. But here are some before/after shots of the carpet laying :)

Spare room:

Mum & Dad's Room:

Horrible paint stain we've had for 2 years - Sorcha wanted to help

Master Bedroom:

This is house you fit a house into two rooms:

And finally lunch time :)

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