Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trees and Rivers

So I finally got around to going out the front and taking some photos of the new trees we put in. The over hang on these will look really nice once it gets going...I just don't know if I'll still be here to actually see that...some drive-by's might be in order in future years :)

Unfortunately one of the branches snapped while we were bringing it home. We tried a temporary fix, but unfortunately we'll have to let it go.

On a kind of exciting note, we now have a sold sticker on our block of land!! HOORAY!! It's still quite a while until we'll actually own said block of land, but the time is already going along quickly. It's almost the end of January, so we've only got 7 months to go. It's even less of a time frame when we're aiming to have our house on the market by late April/Early May...that's only a couple of months away in which we've still got a bit of work to do. The next task out the front is getting the front path finished, then finally the crushed rock. Then we're all done and on to the backyard!

Also while I was at Mandalay I noticed it was kinda wet...kinda very wet to the point where we have small rivers running along the grooves where the roads will be. Who says you need to spend thousands on a beachside property!

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